Magazines write about us

Below is what magazines write about working with our company


I have got an opportunity to visit Moscow in September. It was my first visit to Russia, and I cannot express the emotions that this trip has given to me.
But what was my surprise when I learnt that Colombian brands were taking part in an important international lingerie exhibition CPM Body & Beach. The event took place on September 4 - 7. I could not have imagined that, but our brands turned out to be quite competitive on this market.
And then I met Albina Litvinenko, the founder of wholesale holding “Northern Venice” in St. Petersburg. She is the soul of Colombian project in Russia.
Albina consults brands: she teaches them to adapt to the Russian market and improve their production. She makes sure that every detail is ideal, because it is vital for sales.. Starting from March this year, all of the three brands are included into the assortment of many multi brand boutiques all over Russia. Further plans are very ambitious: to extend the Colombian project supported by Prolombia and significantly increase the sales.

Lila OchoaChief editor of "Colombian fashion magazine Fuchsia"

Wholesale Holding "Northern Venice" has been the partner of Intimoda magazine for the last two years, helping us to distribute and promote activity of our magazine efficiently on the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. We know this company as the distributor of the European lingerie and hosiery brands, and judging by the positive feedback from our clients and readers (retailers) we can tell about high professionalism and competence of the company employees. We are highly satisfied with our fruitful cooperation with holding "Northern Venice" and we are looking forward to developing our partnership in future.

Ksenia TsarevaThe representative of "Intimoda"

The Russian underwear market is very young, it is only 26 years old. This period saw thousands of companies sprouting and sinking into oblivion. But there are also those that exist under any conditions, survive various crisis situations in the country and emerge from them even stronger than before. One of such rare companies is Wholesale Holding “Northern Venice” that changes with time, but remains strong, mobile, flexible and reliable. Things like that does not happen by themselves, they are the consequence of experience, professionalism and honesty of the owners and directors of the company as well as the result of their personnel policy. The powerful team of professionals led by wise guidance is a guarantee that “Northern Venice” will remain one of the leaders of wholesale business on the Russian market in future.

Mikhail UvarovEditor-in-chief of “Belye i Kolgotki” (“Underwear and Hosiery”), Worldwide Lingerie Guide magazines and belyevik.ru online portal.

Trade shows recommend us

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Eurovet, leading intimate apparel B2B trade shows organizer worldwide has a long-term relationship with “Saint-Petersbourg Wholesale Company” and is proud to have this company among its loyal visitors at Unique by Mode City trade show in Paris since more than 7 years, but also as a regular exhibitor of Mode Lingerie & Swim Moscow. Its extended and comprehensive experience on the market brought valuable expertise during conferences and other networking activities of Eurovet’s trade shows.

Maria Peterson Sales Manager Eurovet

Dear Mrs Litvinenko,
I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for your participation with many brands from Colombia and Spain in previous seasons of CPM Body&Beach section, which is the most important event for Russian lingerie and body wear market.
I appreciate your effort in assisting in the organization of VIP Cocktail event during the CPM exhibition and I congratulate you for the caliber of work shown to represent beautiful Spanish and Colombian lingerie brands.
The show at VIP Cocktail excites everyone¨s expectations. I wish to thank you once again for your effort in development of Spanish and Colombian brands en the CPM exhibition. I am looking forward to our futher cooperation.

Michael MandelCEO Messe Dusseldorf Moscow

Suppliers recommend us

Below is what suppliers say on cooperation with our company


Lau De La as a leading company in the sector of swimwear and everything related to beach. Within its 17 years of work the company has sought to make the best alliances in different parts of the world where we have presence as a brand. Taking into account that our brand has presence in more than 30 countries of Europe, with our expansion and growth, Russia has always been within our objectives. Reaching this great market was possible thanks to the commercial relationship we made with Wholesale Holding "Northern Venice".
Colombia is a world power in the textile industry. Our brand has begun the project with a view to large-scale entry into Russia. That allows us to expand the portfolio of our markets while offering the high level of design quality and accessibility of our products to customers in this part of the world. Russia is one of the areas of great influence in fashion for Europe, which we could see it on our trip to the fair that we have attended in August 2016.
Our criteria when choosing a partner in the Russian markets were professionalism, big experience, transparency and integrity. We are sure that we will continue to grow hand in hand with Wholesale Holding "Northern Venice" every year.
We have already achieved the large scale of this project between both countries supported by ProColombia, Colombian consulate and the embassies of both countries. It demonstrates great relationship between both countries and shows the whole world the diversity in fashion and textiles that Colombian brands can offer to the great powers of the world, such as Russia.

Juan Felipe RuizRepresentative of Lau De La factory.

To Prints Lab, a young company with ideas and innovation in its beach products and accessories, it is a great opportunity to have met and have the pleasure of working with Wholesale Holding "Northern Venice" .
Wholesale Holding "Northern Venice" is our best ally today, and thanks to the support of ProColombia we aim to position ourselves in the Russian market and the CIS countries, too. Together we prepare for this!
Through time our quality and design will allow to get results for those Colombian brands that work with this great Russian distributor today. This refined market attracted our interest by its taste for fashion and design that we evidenced last year when launching our collection in at the trade show in Moscow. Our brand is in the best hands, we consider them impeccable in their work and direction of their development, and we just have to thank and reiterate that this has been the best adventure.

Diana OviedoRepresentative of Prints Lab factory.

After working with Wholesale Holding "Northern Venice" for over a year, we have realized that we found the perfect partner for our Brand in Russia and CIS countries. The company is indisputably known as successful professionals thanks to its long trajectory in the lingerie business. For us it is an honor to have Wholesale Holding "Northern Venice" as our distributor in the Russian territory and after participating in Mode Lingerie 2016 we were impressed by how big and loyal their clientele is.
Ellipse, with over 30 years of trajectory in the lingerie business, is happy to work with Wholesale Holding "Northern Venice" as we know this partnership will be successful and our presence in the Russian and CIS territories will increase substantially over the next few years.
We are 100% sure that our brand is in good hands and we are ready to embark in this journey with Wholesale Holding "Northern Venice".
Looking forward to future work over the next few years!

Juan Camilo EspinalRepresentative of Ellipse factory.

We began working with our partner Wholesale Holding “Northern Venice” in the beginning of 2015. And from our part we are very glad to be a supplier for such a strong company. High competence of managers, their dedication to the work they do and interest to market trends deserve the highest regards. We are sure that our partner’s clients will always receive the most up-to-date and necessary information about our brand. The recipe for Wholesale Holding “Northern Venice” company's success is competent management and highly qualified specialists in all parts of the organization.

Natalia StelmakhRepresentative of Gisela factory.

I would like to thank the Wholesale Holding “Northern Venice” for the beautiful collaboration, that has been continuing for more than ten years so far. But the most important point is that, in addition to being a very valid partner, they are above all good friends. I hope that this relationship will continue for many years more.

Matteo BeldìOwner of Silca factory and company.

En nombre de la empresa Vivell S.A.S, nos complace saludarlos y expresarles por medio de la presente nuestro agradecimiento por su apoyo en [a participación en la feria, adicional por los resultados obtenidos de manera inmediata.
Esperamos poder seguir contando con ustedes en los eventos que se tengan planeados para el 2019 ya queesta felación comercial ha sido altamente exitosa para ambas partes.

Jose Giovanni PaciRepresentative of Vivell SAS (Fajate)

En nombre de Lenospa SA (Leonisa) queremos agradecer por el trabajo realizado hasta la fecha, demostrando su profesionalidad en la venta de productos en su pais. Tras el reciente show, feria CPM MOSCOW Febrero 2019, pudimos confirmar que la union de marcas, convocada por la senora Albina Litvinenko у su equipo de trabajo, ha sido muy importante pues se ha logrado generar especial interes en nuestra marca. Reiteramos nuestro interes en seguir contando con ustedes por medio de consultorias pues tenemos la certeza de que lograremos desarollar un buen potencial de ventas en proximos años.

Carlos SolerCommercial Director of Lenospa SA (Leonisa)

En nombre de KIBYS S.A.S queremos agradecerles por el trabajo realizado hasta hoy, con el cual han demostrado que son ustedes excelentes profesionales en la venta de productos exclusivos en su país. Prueba de esto, son los resultados dados en los últimos años, al posicionar a Colombia como un país de alto nivel y gran potencial en el desarrollo de productos de ropa interior y vestidos de baño.
Luego del reciente show, feria CPM MOSCOW Septiembre 2018, pudimos confirmar que la unión de marcas, convocada por la señora Albina Litvinenko y su equipo de trabajo, ha sido muy importante pues se ha logrado generar especial interés en nuestro país, el cual esta dando frutos actualmente.
Reiteramos nuestro interés en seguir trabajando con ustedes por medio de consultorías pues tenemos la certeza de que lograremos desarrollar los productos solicitados por el mercado Ruso generando un buen potencial de ventas en los próximos años.

Diana Piñeda GomezChief Executive Officer of Kibys SAS.

Our clients about us

Below is the feedback from our clients about cooperation with our company


Wholesale Holding “Northern Venice” is our regular partner of many years. Our cooperation brings us not only good financial results but also purely positive emotions. Quality product range, well-thought offers, quick response to client’s questions and needs are the particular characteristics of the company. I would like to point out their stability that is embodied in the continuity of their team. It is nice to meet the same manager at the trade shows, discuss possibilities of new collections with this person who long knows the tastes and needs of their clients. Working with Wholesale Holding “Northern Venice” is very convenient and we look forward to continue it.

Olga KalinaSelf-employed entrepreneur, Kamensk-Uralskiy, Sverdlovskaya oblast

We have been working with your company for four years already. During this period we endured hard financial times, crisis, work relocation. But we felt your support and help in any difficult situation! Thank you for your responsive attitude to clients, individual approval, always great products range, variety of new items and smoothly running shipments! We wish you prosperity, and as much responsible and grateful customers as possible!

Ekaterina BurdukovskayaSelf-employed entrepreneur, Ulan-Ude

I would like to thank your company for making significant contribution to development of my business, for six years of loyalty and creative work, and I want to express my admiration for the high level of your professionalism. You enabled me to achieve significant success and to take the rightful place among competitors.

Tatiana GermanSelf-employed entrepreneur, Velikiy Novgorod

I would like to thank the team working in Wholesale Holding “Northern Venice” for many years of fruitful cooperation, high professional qualities and integrity, quickness in solving operational issues and simply for their human understanding! The company always keeps up with the times by expanding their portfolio with original and interesting brands and taking part in various specialized trade shows. We are pleased with their sensible price policy and flexible discount system. I wish you prosperity and hope for further fruitful cooperation.

Svetlana LukashevichSelf-employed entrepreneur, Vladikavkaz, Republic of Northern Ossetia. Men’s and women’s underwear stores “Markiza”.

Good afternoon! I would like to express my enormous gratitude to your company for fruitful cooperation!!! I have been working with your company for three years, and during this years my store was replenished with shelves with beautiful lingerie. Worthy European lingerie brands for affordable prices!!! During our cooperation I got to love Silca hosiery company. Thank you very much for your work and attention you pay to each client!!! I wish you prosperity and more good clients…

Maria YumartovaSelf-employed entrepreneur, Saint Petersburg