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Exclusive representative of Ellipse (Colombia), Printslab (Colombia), Offcorss (Colombia), Soul Intimates (Colombia), Kibys (Colombia), Agua Bendita (Colombia) factories in Russia, Baltic and CIS countries and Ukraine

Exclusive representative of Silca (Italy) factory in Russia, Baltic and CIS countries
Official representative of Jolidon (Romania), Prelude (Romania), Gisela (Spain) factories


The company has started its operations in 1990 and earned the status of reliable and stable partner.

More than 400 companies and entrepreneurs are the partners of the company. Well-known brands are being shipped to more than 900 stores across the whole Russia. Our sales geography includes not only Saint Petersburg and Moscow, the cooperation is established from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

The employees of the company has been annually undergoing training for more than 15 years as a part of the Russian and international trade shows.

We have information about modern technologies, innovations in fabrics and fibers, fashion trends and colours always available to our partners. We developed a unique method for the competent training of the sales staff.

We invite you to become our partner

and guarantee professional approach to cooperation